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History Education Undergraduate Program

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History Education Undergraduate Program

Why study history education at Missouri State?

  • The Bachelor of Science in Education program is fully-accredited. Successful completion of this program allows graduates to teach history, economics, geography, government, social studies, sociology and psychology at the high school level.
  • Our Bachelor of Science in Education is the largest program in the state.
  • Through practicum and student teaching opportunities, you receive firsthand experience in curriculum development, classroom management and teaching methods.
  • Our teaching methods courses are taught by area teachers, allowing you to learn directly from excellent educators and to stay up-to-date on trends in the discipline.

Preparing to share your love of history

The history education program at Missouri State is the largest program of its kind in the state of Missouri. With a reputation for excellence, this interdisciplinary program prepares you for success in the classroom with practical strategies for teaching and a broad foundation in the social sciences.