World History Track

Program can be completed online

Globalizing your view of history

This 15-hour track provides specialized courses in world history that emphasize the use of primary and secondary sources to further explore major historical time periods and geographical regions, such as Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. The world history track provides flexible scheduling options by allowing you to select what graduate courses best fit your educational and professional goals.

Program requirements

The world history track for the History for Teachers certificate program requires 15 hours of coursework. All track options require the completion of HST 701 Historiography and Historical Methods and 12 additional hours in your chosen content area.

World History track:  

  1. Two Proseminars in non-U.S. History (such as HST 740, HST 760HST 770 or HST 792) including HST 790 World History Readings Seminar;
  2. Two 600 or 700-level courses in non-U.S. History (or proseminars or HST 796 Readings Courses in non-U.S. History).

To successfully complete this certificate program, you must maintain a 3.0 GPA in all of your coursework.