National History Day

National History Day is an annual competition for students, grade 6-12, where they present their historical research projects to qualified judges at the regional level.

What is National History Day?

Here at Missouri State University, they compete for a chance to advance to state and hopefully from there to the national contest. MSU’s History Department is proud to sponsor History Day in our region. Every year, around 300 students from over 15 schools in Springfield and surrounding areas participate in the contest by designing a website, putting on a performance, writing a historical paper, creating a documentary, or curating a museum-like exhibit. Their projects range in topics from local history to global issues, and are judged by our faculty, History Graduate Assistants, and other qualified members of the community.

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Upcoming National History Day 

The History Day competition will be held virtually, without student-judge interviews. This format follows the state and national levels. While the interview aspect of the NHD contest is important to give judges a chance to clarify questions and provide students with a learning opportunity, it is not the core aspect of the contest nor is it the deciding factor in final rankings. Winners of our regional competition will be announced on March 5th, 2021


Teachers and students can register their details as early as November. Registration ends on midnight February 18th, 2021. Because we our holding a virtual contest, students in all categories must submit their projects by this deadline. 

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Contest submission guidelines Registration information 
How to submit virtual entries (all categories)  Registration ends at midnight on February 18th 
Exhibit category guidelines   
  • Exhibit entrants will submit one PDF using one of the templates: 
Performance category guidelines  
  • Performance entrants will submit a link to their .MP4 file and one PDF for their companion worksheet, bibliography, and process paper 

When uploading projects follow these guidelines: 

  • Documentary: Upload a single PDF of your written materials (title page, process paper, and annotated bibliography) AND insert shareable documentary link from google drive. 
  • Paper: Upload a single PDF of your paper (title page, process paper, annotated bibliography, and historical paper). 
  • Website: Insert your NHDWEBCENTRAL site key. 


  • Exhibit: Upload a single PDF of your written materials (title page, process paper, annotated bibliography, and exhibit). 
  • Performance: Upload a single PDF of your written materials (title page, process paper, annotated bibliography, and performance companion worksheet) AND insert a shareable performance link from google drive. 


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