Asian Studies Minor


Why minor in Asian studies?

  • With guidance from your advisor, you will tailor your curriculum to gain a comprehensive understanding of Asian history, ideas and traditions.
  • Knowledge of this region will help prepare you for careers in business, public service, education and more.
  • Being familiar with Asian languages, customs and societies will set you apart in the job market and help you become a global citizen.

Asian Studies

Bachelor of Applied Science
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Music
Bachelor of Music Education
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science in Education (non-certifiable)
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Bachelor of Social Work

Administration of the program

Courses must be approved by the faculty of the Asian Studies Committee for inclusion in the minor.


  1. Six hours of an Asian language. The University currently offers Chinese (CHI 101, 102, 201, 202), Japanese (JPN 101, 102, 201, 202), and Korean (KOR 101, 102, 201, 202).
  2. 12 hours from the following four areas, with no more than six hours from any one area:
    1. ANT 334(3), HST 380(3), HST 381(3), HST 571(3).
    2. PHI 314(3), REL 355(3), REL 357(3), REL 358(3), REL 360(3).
    3. ART 274(3), ENG 362(3)*, LLT 215(3), MED 300(1)*.
    4. ECO 345(3), GRY 305(3)*, PLS 545(3).
      *when applicable


Exploring topics in Asian studies

Remarkable education

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