Facilities and Resources

The department of history is located in Strong Hall, a state-of-the-art facility for college instruction, offering computer-assisted technologies in the classrooms.

Archives and collections

Special Collections

Missouri State University is home to an assortment of special collections and archives, which allow you access to a variety of regional historical documents, rare books and literature collections.

Also, the University is a United Nations depository featuring official records of General Assembly meetings, treaties, the Security Council and the Economic and Social Council.

These archives and collections provide you with access to a diverse selection of primary source materials for your research endeavors.

Ozarks history

Ozarkiana Collection

Missouri State is also situated in the long and rich history of the Ozark Mountain region.

The University is home to a unique collection of Ozarks history including the Ozarkiana collection, the only minor in Ozarks studies and a renown Ozarks historian, Dr. Brooks Blevins.

Through a partnership with the History Museum for Springfield-Greene County, the University now cares for and maintains an extensive archive collection of Springfield-specific historical documents..