General Education Courses

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General education history courses

The department of history offers four courses, History 103, 104, 121 and 122, that are included in the general education program at Missouri State University. The overall aim of general education is to develop people capable of making thoughtful choices that lead to creative and productive lives and responsible participation in society. You must complete the general education requirements (43-51 hours) with a cumulative 2.0 GPA in order to graduate.

The general education program has four areas: foundations, natural world courses, human culture courses and public affairs courses. Each course that is in the general education program promotes a common set of general education objectives.

History 121 or 122 satisfies the American history requirement in the public affairs component, while History 103 or 104 can satisfy the culture and society component. These history general education courses have an identified list of course goals that correspond to the overall aims of general education:

Furthermore, these four history courses fulfill accreditation requirements for students pursuing a degree in history education: