American Studies Track

What is the American Studies Track?

The American Studies Track takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the culture, politics, and history of the United States of America. Students following this track take both history courses and those from variety of other academic disciplines - including art, political science, and English. In following this broad curriculum, students develop an integrated understanding of how historical trends influence the development of American society.

Program requirements

The American studies track within the Master of Arts in History degree is a 30-hour program that requires the completion of the history core and the additional requirements of the specified track. The American studies track requires the completion of nine graduate hours in disciplines relating to but outside of American history.

Students can complete this track online, subject to course availability to complete the 9 hours of coursework work in related disciplines.  The history department cannot guarantee online course availability in other departments.

Total hours for MA degree - 30

American Studies Track

  1. 3 hours - HST 701  Historiography and Historical Methods
  2. 3 hours - Required Research Seminar: currently HST 730
  3. 3 hours - Primary Source Seminar: currently HST 783HST 784HST 785HST 786 HST 787
  4. Research Requirement
    1. Thesis option – 21 hours.  Research requirement is fulfilled by the completion and successful defense of a masters thesis.
      1. 6 hours HST 799
      2. 6 hours American History Courses (600 or 700-level)
      3. 9 hours Non-History Courses in Related Disciplines  (as approved by advisor)
    2.  Non-thesis Option – 21 hours.  Research requirement is fulfilled by completing with a minimum grade of B one readings seminar, one research seminar and one primary source seminar. These courses can double count to fulfill requirements 2 and 3 in this track.
      1. 3 hours – 1 additional Primary Source Seminar beyond the one taken to meet requirement 3 in this study track:  choose from HST 783HST 784HST 785HST 786 HST 787
      2. 9 hours American History courses including HST 720 and 725 (or other 600 or 700-level courses approved by advisor)
      3. 9 hours Non-History Courses in Related Disciplines (as approved by advisor)

Comprehensive examination

A comprehensive examination must be passed before the degree will be granted.  For non-thesis students, this will consist of a set of written examinations.  For students who complete a thesis, this will consist of a set of written examinations and an oral examination.