Global Area Studies Track

What is the Global Area Studies Track?

The Global Area Studies Track allows students to focus their studies on a particular geographical region, including Europe, Africa, East Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. In addition to taking courses pertaining to the history of their chosen region, students following this track also study world history and U.S. history. This broad curriculum allows students to develop both a strong general command of world history and an in-depth understanding of the culture and society of their chosen region.

Program requirements

The global area studies track within the Master of Arts in History degree is a 30-hour program that requires the completion of the history core and the additional requirements of the specified track. You must take at least nine hours in your area of study.

Students can complete this track online, but it may not be possible to maintain a full 9-hour load every semester. Possible regions of specialization open to students area dependent on faculty expertise. 

Global Area Studies Track

  1. 3 hours - HST 701 Historiography and Historical Methods
  2. 3 hours - Required Research Seminar: currently HST 780
  3. 3 hours - Primary Course Seminar: currently HST 792
  4. 3 hours - U.S. in the world or U.S foreign relations or recent history of the U.S. course: Choose from HST 628, HST 631 or with the consent of the candidate’s advisory committee HST 720, HST 730, HST 782, or HST 786.
  5. 9 hours - Emphasis Area Courses. An emphasis of 9 hours including a readings seminar in an area of study such as Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, or the Middle East from the following courses: HST 641, HST 642, HST 643, HST 644, HST 645, HST 648, HST 649, HST 651, HST 653, HST 659, HST 663, HST 664, HST 666, HST 671, HST 673, HST 674, HST 682, HST 688, HST 710, HST 740, HST 750, HST 760, HST 770, HST 775
  6. Research Requirement
    1. Thesis option – 9 hours. Research requirement is fulfilled by the completion and successful defense of a masters thesis.
      1. 6 hours HST 799
      2. 3 hours Readings Seminar: currently HST 740, HST 760, HST 770, HST 775
    2. Non-thesis Option 9 hours. Research requirement is fulfilled by completing with a minimum grade of B one readings seminar, one research seminar and one primary source seminar. These courses can double count to fulfill requirements 2 and 3 in this track.
      1. 6 hours - Readings Seminar: currently HST 740, HST 760, HST 770, HST 775
      2. 3 hours - Research Seminar in non-U.S. history: currently HST 710, HST 750 or HST 780

Comprehensive examination

A comprehensive examination must be passed before the degree will be granted.  For non-thesis students, this will consist of a set of written examinations.  For students who complete a thesis, this will consist of a set of written examinations and an oral examination.