Faculty and Staff

The faculty at the department of history represent a class of highly trained scholars with a diverse set of specializations and areas of expertise.

From Ozarks studies and Egyptology to the history of the colonial Mexico and communist China, our faculty is committed to sharing their knowledge with students in an engaging manner, emphasizing the importance of communications, research, and problem solving.

In addition to teaching, faculty also assist students in scheduling their courses, conducting research projects, and achieving their educational and professional goals. For graduate students, they are able to provide supervision in a number of different fields in both U.S. and world history.

Contact our department

For the BA and BS in History as well as the MSEd in History, contact department head, Dr. Kathleen Kennedy. For the MA in History, contact graduate coordinator, Dr. Djene Bajalan. For the BSEd in History and National History Day (Region VII) contact the academic advisor, Ms. Sara Zandi. For other inquiries, contact the academic administrative assistant, Ms. Glena Admire.

Departmental news

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