Dr. Djene R. Bajalan



Role: Faculty
Campus: Springfield

Postal mail

Missouri State University
901 S. National Ave.
Springfield, MO 65897



  • DPhil, Oriental Studies, 2015, University of Oxford
  • MA, History, 2009, Istanbul Bilgi University
  • MS, Nationalism and Ethnicity, 2006, London School of Economics - University of London
  • BA, History and Politics, 2004, School of Oriental and African Studies - University of London


  • HST 104: World History since 1600 C.E.
  • HST 370: Middle Eastern History, 600-1800 C.E.
  • HST 370: Middle Eastern History from 1800 C.E.
  • HST 701: Historiography and Historical Methods.

Research and professional interests

Dr. Bajalan is historian of the Middle East specializing in issues pertaining nationalism in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and, in particular, its role in the break-up of the Ottoman Empire in the aftermath of the First World War. To date, his research has focused primarily on the region’s Kurdish community and, more specifically, the development of Kurdish political activism within the Ottoman Empire in the years leading up to the outbreak of the First World War in 1914.

In addition to extensive research experience in both the British and Ottoman archives, Dr. Bajalan has taught both Middle Eastern and World history in a variety of different institutions, including at the University of Oxford, Istanbul Bilgi University, and the American University of Iraq - Sulaimani. Dr. Bajalan also serves on the editorial board of the journal Kurdish Studies and publications including Turkeyscope, Jacobin, OpenDemocracy, and Jadaliyya have featured his commentary on present-day Middle Eastern affairs.

Selected publications

  • “On the frontiers of empire: Culture and power in early modern 'Iranian' Kurdistan”, Kurdish Studies, Vol. 5, No. 1, (2017): 1-10.
  • “Princes, Pashas and Patriots: The Kurdish Intelligentsia, the Ottoman Empire and the National Question”, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, Vol. 43, No. 2, (2016): 140-157.
  • “Between Conformism and Separatism: A Kurdish Students’ Association in Istanbul 1912 to 1914”, Middle Eastern Studies, Vol. 49, No. 5 (2013): 805-823.