Accelerated Master’s

What is an Accelerated Master's degree? 

As an undergraduate history student, you have the opportunity to jump start your master’s degree by applying for preliminary acceptance in the Master of Arts in History program through the accelerated master’s option. This option may allow you to complete both your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in five years by taking up to nine hours of graduate-level history courses for both undergraduate and graduate credit.

Admission requirements

To be accepted into the accelerated master's option, you must meet these requirements:

  • Hold junior standing with an overall GPA of 3.25.
  • Be a declared history major.
  • Complete a minimum of 15 hours in history, including at least one course at the 300-level or higher, with a GPA in the major of 3.40.
  • Be recommended by a member of faculty.

Program Requirements 

HST 701 Historiography

  • Once accepted into the accelerated master's program, students take HST 701 Historiography, which fulfills the undergraduate requirement of HST 390 Historiography.

Scheduling Approvals 

  • Before enrolling in a course for both undergraduate and graduate credit, students must receive prior approval from the graduate program advisor, the department head and the dean of the Graduate College. All approvals must be completed prior to the end of the change of schedule period for the course.