History Minor

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Grounding your studies in history

A minor in history is an excellent complement to a number of degrees, including pre-law, economics and political science. The flexible course offerings in the minor program allow you to select the history courses that interest you the most and best fit with your career goals. The coursework you complete in the history minor provides you with the research, writing and critical thinking skills desired by most employers.

Minor requirements

The minor in history is an 18-hour program that consists of a blend of U.S. and world history courses. To complete a minor in history, you must take the following courses:


Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Social Work
  1. HST 103(3) or 104(3); HST 121(3) or 122(3)

  2. Select one of the following courses: HST 323(3), 335(3), 350(3), 370(3), 371(3), 380(3), 381(3), 541(3), 542(3), 543(3), 544(3), 571(3), 573(3), 574(3), 587(3)

  3. Select nine additional hours in history for a total of 18 hours in minor.

Adding a minor

To add a minor, visit the Academic Advisement Center in University Hall 109. You may need to receive a signature from the head of the department of history to authorize the addition of a history minor.