World History Faculty

Dr. Djene R. Bajalan

World History; Middle Eastern History; Kurdish Studies; Nationalism and Ethnicity

Dr. Bryan C. Brinkman

Ancient Greece and Rome; World History to ca. 1600

Dr. John F. Chuchiak

Dr. John F. Chuchiak

Distingished Professor
Director of Honors College

Freshman Honors Seminar; first year foundations; World History to 1600; US history to 1877; Writing II: Historical Inquiry; Latin American Civilization; History of Pre-Columbian Mexico; History of the Inquisition in Spain and Spanish America...

Dr. Jessica M. Elliott

World History to Crica 1600 C.E.; Crisis in the Late Middle Ages; Medieval Europe

Dr. Sarah Mellors

Modern China, East Asian History, World History Since 1600; Gender and Sexuality; History of Medicine

Dr. Eric W. Nelson

World history to 1600; The Reformation; World History graduate proseminar

Dr. Bukola Oyeniyi

World History since 1600; African Civilization; Special Topics in History; Conflict Resolution and Peace-Building in Africa

Dr. Sarah J. Panzer

20th Century Europe, German-Japanese Relations

Dr. Julia D. Troche

Ancient Near East; Egyptology and Assyriology