Graduate Assistantships

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Partnering education and experience

Graduate assistantships are offered in both administrative and academic areas throughout the University. Graduate assistants work around 20 hours a week in their assigned area and receive a stipend and tuition reimbursement for their work. The Graduate College maintains a list of offices and departments that offer graduate assistantship opportunities. These positions involve academic, administrative, research and/or teaching responsibilities. When possible, the assistantship assignment is closely related to your program of study.

History-related assistantships

The department of history offers about six graduate assistantship positions for students in the history graduate programs. The selection process is competitive and based on past academic performance, potential for outstanding success in the program and current department needs.

The graduate assistantship positions primarily begin in the fall semester and run for an academic year. You may reapply for your assistantship for an additional year. Our assistantships provide a tuition waiver for each semester and a stipend in exchange for 20 hours a week of work in the department assisting faculty with research and administering blended courses.