History Graduate Program

History, MA

The Master of Arts in History prepares students to pursue further graduate study or begin an enriching career. The history graduate program at Missouri State University is highly flexible and has been designed to cater to both traditional and non-traditional students. 

Our program offers a broad curriculum that allows students to specialize in numerous different fields in both U.S. and world history. Students may also supplement their history training with a secondary education sub-track. In addition, our program offers both thesis and non-thesis graduation options.

Why pursue a graduate degree in history at Missouri State?

Unlike many graduate programs, ours focuses all of its resources on its Masters Degree. Only full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty teach our seated and online courses and the blending of their research specialties creates a comprehensive, interdisciplinary history program.

  • You will be interacting in small group settings with talented professors dedicated to developing both your knowledge and research skills.
  • You will be able to specialize in the area of history that most interests you within our three track options: American studies, U.S. and world, and specific global area studies (such as the Islamic World or Europe).
  • You can complete our program in a variety of modalities: seated, fully online, or a mixture of the two.  You can enjoy the full campus experience or complete your degree completely at a distance.  You can attend full or part-time—and can even skip a semester if you need to.  The choice is yours.
  • In-service teachers will join a strong cohort of students with similar backgrounds from across the country in our on-line program.
  • Teachers may opt for the secondary education sub-track which blends education courses with the history track option of your choice to improve your skills as an educator.
  • A variety of financial aid, including scholarships and graduate assistantships, are available.
  • We offer courses in the summer as well as during the academic year.
  • Our programs prepare you for a variety of careers, including those in education, law and government.

Prospective Students

Current Students