History Links

Research resources

Listed below are a number of online resources available to assist you in researching a variety of historical topics:

  • American Historical Association online
    The AHA publishes a variety of essays concerning the study and teaching of history.
  • The Association for History and Computing
    This is an institutional site with an extensive set of links not found elsewhere.
  • Center for History and New Media
    This center provides a large collection of links for many kinds of historical resources on the web.
  • H/Net
    This site provides information and resources for all those interested in the humanities and social sciences, and serves as a central information storehouse for H-Net’s extensive network of e-mail lists (URL: http://www.h-net.msu.edu/lists/).
  • Historical Text Archive
    Don Mabry archives large numbers of historical documents and has links to other electronic archives and resources for history students.
  • The History Channel
    This site is the online home to the history discipline’s own cable channel.
  • History Matters: The US Survey Course on the Web
    This site includes an annotated, searchable guide to websites on US history, online primary documents, interactive exercises and discussions on teaching.
  • Library of Congress
    If Meyer Library does not have what you are looking for, check the Library of Congress and its links to other libraries. This site also has links to Library of Congress exhibits and photographic archives.
  • Missouri State library
    This link offers web based access to the Meyer Library electronic catalog.
  • National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
    NARA has a series of electronic history exhibits. Some of them are serious while others are amusing. Roy Blunt, 7th District Congressman and MA History alumnus, is on the board of NARA.
  • Oral history links
    This collection from UC Berkeley includes links arranged geographically and topically. Great source material for papers concerning recent history.


Paper resources

These online resources listed below can help you prepare for and complete an excellent term paper or book review: