Program Requirements

The history education graduate program is an interdisciplinary degree that is offered in partnership with the Master of Science in Education program. It is a 33-hour program with 18 hours of coursework from the education general core and 15 hours from your emphasis area.

The department of history offers two emphasis areas for students pursuing a graduate degree in secondary history education: history and social sciences. The requirements for completing these options are listed below.

History area of emphasis

You must take a minimum of 15 hours in history:

  • Select one course from HST 720, 740, 760 or 770 (3 credit hours)
  • Additional history coursework (12 credit hours)

Social sciences area of emphasis

You must take a minimum of 15 hours from economics, geography, history, political science, psychology or sociology:

  • Select 9-hours of coursework from one of the above disciplines
  • Select 6-hours of coursework from a second discipline

Master of Science in Education, Secondary Education requirements

Degree requirements (33 hours total) - at least half of the coursework must be 700-level or above

  1. Required Core Courses (6 hours)
    1. SFR 750 Philosophies of Education (typically offered fall only)
    2. SFR 780 Educational Research Methodology
  2. Professional Core Courses (6 hours)
    Course work designed for improvement of classroom instruction. Courses should be selected from two of  the six areas below*:    
    1. EDT 665 Selection and Utilization of Educational Technology
    2. MID 725 Advanced Theory and Practice in the Teaching of Early Adolescents
    3. PSY 705 Psychology of Adolescence OR PSY 710 Psychology of Education
    4. RDG 710 Content Area Literacy
    5. SEC 701 Secondary School Curriculum
    6. SPE 613 Physical and Health Needs of Students with Disabilities

      * Other electives specifically related to classroom teaching may be identified and substituted for letters a through f above with program advisor approval.
  3. Required Unit Assessment​​​​​​​Research Assessment.  The student must complete two (2) assessments
  4. Research and Specialized Core Experience (6 hours)
    Includes research (see below) and other course work to total 6 hours.  Of these 6 hours, a minimum of 2 hours must be in one of the following two research options. Additional course work is needed if less than 6 hours of research is chosen.
    1. Option I: Completion of a thesis. Thesis credit may not exceed 6 hours of the total program. Students writing a thesis may enroll in the appropriate course for their emphasis area. (Refer to Emphasis Area for thesis course). Students must obtain their program director and/or advisor approval for their thesis course(s). Students must complete the online Graduate College thesis format training.
    2. Option II: Completion of an extensive research project or major creative work.  Students must obtain their program director and/or advisor approval for their research course(s) component.
  5. Emphasis Area (15 hours)
    This emphasis must be an area in which the State of Missouri currently offers a certificate for grades K-12 or 9-12.  At least 3 hours of 700-level credit must be earned from Missouri State University in the emphasis area. Refer to your emphasis area departmental section of this catalog for specific information.

    Course work in some emphasis areas is limited and may not be offered every semester. Students should check with the advisor as to availability of specific course offerings.
  6. Comprehensive Examination.
    A comprehensive examination must be passed by the candidate before a degree will be granted. Check with advisor for specific requirements.