Four-Year Degree Plan

This is a model four year degree plan for FA 14 catalog term. Your path to graduation may vary slightly based on factors such as college credit you earned while in high school and your choice of general education electives. For information about completing your history education degree in four years, contact the department of history at 417-836-5511 or consult with your advisor about scheduling options.

This degree program can be completed in eight semesters.

Check out the course rotation before scheduling your classes.

The following degree plan is based on the general education program instituted in fall 2014. For the previous general education requirements, please access these Student Transition Resources.

First semester (fall)

Total hours 15
HST 103 World History to Circa 1600 C.E. 3
MTH 135 College Algebra 3
GEP 101 First-Year Foundations 2
Gen Ed: Life Sciences 4
ENG 110 Writing I 3

Second semester (spring)

Total hours 16
COM 115 Fundamentals of Public Speaking 3
PLS 101 American Democracy and Citizenship 3
SOC 150 Introduction to Society 3
HST 121 Survey of the History of the United States to 1877 3
Gen Ed: Physical Sciences (recommended: GRY 142 Introductory Physical Geography) 4

Third semester (fall)

Total hours 15
HST 122 Survey of the History of the United States since 1877 3
PSY 121 Introductory Psychology 3
HST 104 World History since 1600 C.E. 3
Gen Ed: Public Issues (recommended: ECO 101 Economics of Social Issues - or - SOC 152 Social Problems in the Community) 3
HST 210 Writing II: Historical Inquiry 3

Fourth semester (spring)

Total hours15
GRY 100 World Regional Geography 3
HST 300+ (Non Western) 3
Gen Ed: Arts 3
ECO 155 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
SEC 302 General Methods of Instruction in the Middle and Secondary Schools 3

Fifth semester (fall)

Total hours15
EDC 345 Introduction to Multicultural Education and Diversity 3
PSY 360 Educational Psychology 3
HST 300+ (U.S.) 3
PLS 205 Introduction to Comparative Government
or PLS 232 International Relations
HST 390 Introduction to Historiography 3

Sixth semester (spring)

Total hours17
EDC 350 School and Society 3
RDG 474 Reading and Writing in the Content Fields 3
SPE 340 Educational Alternative for Exceptional Students 2
HST 300+ (World/Transregional or European) 3
HST 300+ (U.S.) 3
ANT 100 World Cultures 3

Seventh semester (fall)

Total hours16
SFR 486 Management and Assessment in the Middle and Secondary Classroom 3
HST 300+ (Non Western) 3
HST 300+ (World/Transregional or European) 3
HST 418 Teaching of Secondary School Social Studies 4
RDG 574 Analysis and Correction of Difficulties in Adolescent Literacy 3

Eighth semester (spring)

Total hours12
HST 422 Supervised Teaching (Secondary Social Studies) 5-10
HST 423 Seminar in Supervised Teaching 2

GPA Requirements include: Overall (Missouri State University & Combined) GPA 2.75; Major GPA 3.0; Prof. Ed. GPA 3.0. Other Requirements include: Admit to Teacher Ed - Criteria listed in Undergraduate Catalog BSED History and BSED Advising Checklist; Praxis II Social Studies recommended semester prior to Supervised Teaching, PRAXIS II required for State Certification; Follow all prerequisites according to course guidelines.