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History, BA/BS

The department of history at Missouri State University excels in undergraduate teaching. Students wishing to obtain an undergraduate degree in history may choose between the Bachelor of Arts (BA), and the Bachelor of Science (BS) programs.  The department also offers a Minor degree option. In addition, undergraduate students that meet the academic requirements may also enroll in the department's accelerated master's degree program. 

With more than 20 members of faculty, the department is one of the largest in the state. Faculty members specialize in a variety of fields in both U.S. and world history. This means the department can offer a broad and diverse undergraduate curriculum. This allows students to cover a wide array of topics, ranging from the history of the Ozarks to the peoples and cultures of ancient Egypt, over the course of their undergraduate education.

What is the difference between a BA and a BS in History?

Missouri State University History Department offers two options for students studying to obtain an undergraduate degree in history, a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and a Bachelor of Science (BS).  

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in History

  • Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in History MUST complete a minor or a second major. In addition, students must also satisfy the Bachelor of Arts Requirements. These include, twelve credit hours in a single language; six credit hours of World History survey courses; three credit hours of Philosophy; six credit hours from any of the courses listed in the Fine Arts requirement.

Bachelor of Science (BS) in History

  • Students pursuing The Bachelor of Science (BS) in History DO NOT need to declare a minor as the BS is a comprehensive degree.  However, all students pursuing the Bachelor of Science (BS) in History MUST choose one of four possible tracks. These include, Constitution and Law; American Studies; International Studies with a Language; International Studies without a language.

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